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Safeguarding Links for Parents

Safeguarding the Welfare of Pupils – Bulletin 10 19th June 2020

As we reach the end of another week, it seems incredible to looking ahead to July. Normally in College at this time we are passing a focus from Year 11 exams to Year 10 and looking ahead to planning for the new academic year. The preparations for 2020/21 continue and although we have not had examinations this year, it has been wonderful to see year ten pupils in college this week.
One of the points made to me by year ten pupils this week is that they have really appreciated the social contact with each other, albeit socially distanced. We know that one of the most difficult aspects of the lockdown for our young people has been isolation. This is the theme of the bulletin today.
I have attached a link below to Mind’s website, which has a good section of advice and guidance on the mental health of young people. We know that mental health is the same as physical health. Each of us has our own mental health and this needs to be maintained, just as we maintain good physical health. The Chulmleigh 5-a-day is one of the ways we promote good mental health but relationships are key also. During the lockdown our children should be keeping in touch with their teachers and friends and although we counsel to be safe online, using social media is also a healthy way to keep in touch. Do makes sure that your young person is not disengaging socially and if you are worried, we are here to support you.…/c…/coronavirus-and-your-wellbeing/
Mr N Payne – Deputy Executive Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding the Welfare of Pupils – Bulletin 9 - 12thJune 2020

We have dedicated much of these bulletins to raising awareness of online risks in respect of our children. During lockdown, the safeguarding team at Chulmleigh have received a growing number of concerns from parents and young people about online safety and I hope you have found the resources we have sent you helpful.
Since lockdown, it is clear that as our children are spending longer at home and away from school and clubs, therefore social media has filled so much time. The police have asked me to remind parents and carers to be vigilant to their children’s online activity – specifically, I repeat the following advice:
* Ensure that social media is used in communal areas of your home
*  Routinely monitor accounts and discuss content
*  Ensure you know your child’s passwords
* Place limits on screen time
*  Do not allow mobile devices to be taken to bed by children
* Talk to your child about how they use social media
Although the weather has been a bit damp lately, we are all enjoying the longer days and the evenings are much lighter. There are still restrictions on public gatherings and we would urge parents and carers to make sure that their children are indoors at an appropriate time. If you have concerns about the welfare of children due to them being outside late or in groups, please contact services on the numbers below or me and the team the College.
I hope you are safe and well.
Yours faithfully
Mr N Payne
Deputy Executive Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead


Safeguarding the Welfare of Pupils – Bulletin 8 - 5th June 2020

The week after a holiday represents a change of pace for all of us and I know pupils will have been settling back to the routine of another half term of learning remotely.
Key to doing anything well is forming a routine and, at the end of this first week of the final half term of the academic year, I thought it timely to remind you of the Chulmleigh 5-a-day. This forms a checklist of what we can all do each day to maintain good mental and physical health. Our 5-a-day is attached below– why not discuss this with your child?
We know that the pupils who are accomplishing the most are the ones who are in the best routine and, in addition to our 5-a-day, I encourage parents and carers to ensure that their child is in a settled routine of working each day. Teenagers can be hard to motivate and can be moody. If we can help by talking to your child over the phone, our staff are happy to do so. I hope you found our recent run of phone calls home supportive.
I have written before about the link between achievement and wellbeing. Now, more than ever, it is important that we keep our pupils achieving. The work we set is very important so that when we do get back to school fully, children are not behind and are set on a pathway for a happy and fulfilled life. We are here to help throughout the week and encourage you and your child to engage with teachers if you need help. Our College reception is now open each day as normal.
Yours faithfully
Mr N Payne
Deputy Executive Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead


Safeguarding the Welfare of Pupils - Update 15th May 2020

Due to concerns regarding unknown adults contacting our children via social media and particularly on Instagram, Mrs Mackie has sourced two articles to share with you explaining how you can keep your child safe online, which we hope you find useful. You will find the pdf files at the bottom of this page.

Our advice remains that parents and carers should always be vigilant regarding how their child uses social media:

  • Don’t allow your child to access social media in  their bedroom but in a communal part of the house.
  • Have access to your child’s account so that you can check the content regularly
  • Talk to your child about their social media use, why do they use it, what has happened recently, who do they talk to the most?
  • Set parameters for screen time so your child cannot use their device for excessive periods of time.

During this period of uncertainty our young people are lonely and missing  their friends and teachers, therefore turning to social media is perhaps a natural reaction to this.  However, as a community, it is vital that we keep our children safe when they do this.
Mr N Payne – Deputy Executive Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Useful contact details:

If you have queries or concerns about the safety of children please email: – a member of our safeguarding team will then contact you.
Childline exists to offer support to children and can be reached on: 0808 800 5000
Kooth offer an online counselling service, for more information visit:
To speak to children’s social care at the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH): 0345 155 1071 or
If you are concerned that a child is in immediate danger in an emergency, contact the police on 99

Websites which may help when talking to young people about difficult situations

Two helpful websites with good advice for parents about how to create an environment for talking about difficult topics and what to say:

BBC Newsround report on difficult news topics in a way that young people can relate to.