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Chulmleigh College

Chulmleigh College, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7AA


Students studying history at Chulmleigh are encouraged to question the past and make connections with the present. Early on pupils are taught the skills used by historians and are continually supported in using these techniques throughout their time at the college. In addition, the ability to be empathetic as well as critical is crucial in exploring the past.

In years 7 – 9, an exciting thematic approach to studying topics in history is currently being implemented. Pupils explore history looking at how periods are linked and how subjects such as wars have changed and evolved.

GCSE History comprises of four main topics of study following the new Schools History Project syllabus. The purpose of this is to allow students to study subject areas in depth and across time periods. Topics students will study include Germany 1919-1945, Crime and Punishment through time, The Vietnam War and Work of the Historian.

The full syllabus for GCSE History can be found at here.